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With the rise in the popularity of essential oils, the number of companies that sell oils has increased dramatically.
The standards that accompany these companies, however, are many times sub-par. It is not illegal to sell a bottle of oil that has 20% ESSENTIAL OIL and 80% ESSENCE of oil. The essence of Lavender oil, for example, has no medicinal or therapeutic value. And then there is the scary reality that many oils are tainted without their company’s knowledge. This can happen at the harvesting level or the distillation level.
In 2019 an extensive study was done by an independent research organization. They tested Lavender and Peppermint from 11 different essential oil companies. 8 of the 11 companies’ oils were found tainted with compounds that were either chemical or additives of other materials, not the essential oil. This report was very revealing and embarrassing for those 8 companies. A spokesman who was part of the research made the comment “most of these companies don’t even know that their oils are tainted or how they got that way”.

How We Can Help

Essential Oils

Whether you need help falling asleep, soothing a burn, relieving aches and pains, or feeling calmer we have the right oil for the ‘ailment’.

Business Mentor

We help those interested build a business of sharing oils, impacting lives and creating a unique income.

Personal Care & Supplements

From plant-based supplements to foaming hand soap and nourishing skincare to natural cleaning products, products made with the right essential oils can make life so much more simple and enjoyable.


There are dozens of essential oils and essential oil blends. We teach which oils are best for any physical or emotional challenge people face, and we teach how to use those oils.
We teach online classes so no matter where you live we can communicate face to face with you. In some cases, we will even come to your town and meet with/teach you.

Why doTERRA Essential Oils

DoTERRA was one of the 3 companies whose oils in the independent research were found not tainted.
Here is the reason whyDoTERRA, knowing the weaknesses that existed in the current culture, created an internal standard to assure their oils were absolutely pure AND of the highest quality. (The quality standard is also extremely important as many people don’t understand that the proper quality can make a huge difference on how oil impacts their health.

DoTERRA’s standard is called “Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade” (CPTG). Every batch of oil that doTERRA sources are tested by a 3rd party company. Testing is done on several levels and the oils have to pass on every level or they are not put into the supply chain. This assures that every bottle of doTERRA oil is completely pure… free of pesticides, additives, extraneous plant material and chemical residue that can appear through improper distillation. 
Because of these standards and the co-impact sourcing that doTERRA does all over the world their credibility has put them in a unique, even exclusive position.
1. They have partners all over the world from mainstream medicine including Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. No other essential oil company has forged these type of alliances.
2. DoTERRA’s research facilities at their headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah have put them at the forefront of essential oil research and they are part of ongoing research with dozens of oils and oil products. 
They have become a “go-to” research source for other scientists, universities and even the FDA. 

About Dan & Gina

doTERRA Reps

As it usually goes, things happened that changed the direction of our lives…

1. Gina had a profound experience with Frankincense essential oil which greatly impacted her health and her heart. (Watch the video here.)

2. Dan was asked by doTERRA Essential Oils to produce a musical project for their humanitarian organization Healing Hands.

One thing lead to another and we were able to go to Guatemala with doTERRA as part of a Healing Hands Humanitarian and essential oil exploration trip….and wow, the wonderful things we learned about the integrity and vision of doTERRA and the power and impact of essential oils throughout the entire earth.

These experiences have impacted us so much that we are on this amazing journey of teaching others how to use essential oils and how they can greatly benefit in their lives.  Most of those whom we have been able to affect, live in the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

Our Philosophy on
Partnership and Mentoring

We’re serious about the term “partners”. If you choose to be our partner on our team we obviously have tools to help you build a successful business, but there’s much more than that.

Consider this…

If you’re going to invest time and money in your business, we’re going to invest time and money in you.

For example…

If you’re doing a booth somewhere at an expo and you’re going to showcase the products. Some of these booths, especially in the bigger cities, are $400 to $800 a weekend. Well, Gina and I will partner with you and we’ll pay at least half of that booth fee. That’s what we feel team mentors should do.

The same thing goes if you’re going to travel. Let’s say you live in Kansas City, you’re headed over to Topeka, or maybe even Denver and you’re going to meet with some people or teach some classes. We will help pay for your travel and expenses. That to us is a big part of a positive partnership.

Then if you want to build your business online, we can plug you into some of our systems as well as the introducing you to people we work with who know how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Thank goodness for technology. It allows us to communicate and educate team members all over the world.

And on top of that…here’s the secret weapon: Gina’s knowledge of these oils is unsurpassed. She’s in it to help people.

We have a YouTube channel with a lot of training videos. And it’s not doTERRA’s training videos. It’s Gina teaching details about the oils. What oils are best for what ailments. How to use each oil. She’s the kind of person you want to be aligned with in a partnership.

Simply put, if you have a sincere desire to share the oils and build a business Gina and I won’t let you down.

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Have a question about oils or the business? We’d love to hear from you.

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