Essential Oils for Burns

Due to its versatile uses Lavender is often considered a must-have oil to keep on hand at all times

Let’s talk about burns. The go to oil is Lavender.

Lavender is the oil to remember for all kinds of burns. Have your lavender in your kitchen for cooking burns or wherever else you have something you can get burned on, like in the bathroom by a curling iron or straight iron. 

If you get a burn on your neck from a curling iron,  just put a drop of Lavender and rub it and it will help, first of all the hurt, but then the burn will go away. You won’t get blisters if you can get this on quick enough.

Another way to use this is to put in a spray bottle, fill a glass bottle up with water. We use glass with oils so it doesn’t eat through the plastic. Put eight to ten drops of lavender in this bottle, shake it up and then you can mist.

It’s great, especially for sunburns, for little children. You don’t want to rub that burn because it can hurt them. But if you can mist the Lavender from the spray bottle a few times to help throughout the day, it will really aid in helping the body heal.

Any kind of burn from the oven, this is a great oil to use.

And if you use it along with Frankincense, it will heal a lot quicker.

Bad burns, you can also mist on with Frankincense mixed in with the Lavender. Just a few drops and you will see a big difference in the healing process or the time it takes to heal.

Just remember when you burn yourself, if you can get lavender on in the next few seconds you won’t blister. It’s an amazing, amazing thing.

So try lavender out, keep it around for those burns and emergency situations and let us know how you do.

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