Our Story

Magical Things happen when you least expect it

There is no way that at this time in our lives we would have expected to be traveling around the world educating people about essential oils.

We both have had success in our other careers and life was very good…but then 2 things happened that changed the direction of our lives…

1. Gina had a profound experience with Frankincense essential oil which greatly impacted her health and her heart. (Watch Gina’s story here.)

2. Dan was asked by doTERRA Essential Oils to produce a musical project for their humanitarian organization Healing Hands. (Dan is a member of the Grammy award-winning Diamond Rio & has scored many TV shows).

He was paid by doTERRA to do this but they also offered us a trip. We went to Guatemala with doTERRA as part of a Healing Hands Humanitarian and essential oil exploration trip….and wow, the wonderful things we learned about the integrity and vision of doTERRA and the power and impact of essential oils throughout the entire earth.

Even though we love living a holistic lifestyle (including using essential oils for over 20 years), these 2 experiences strongly motivated us to embrace essential oils at a whole new level.

Gina immersed herself in “how” and “why” essential oils work. The science behind the oils is a big deal to her.

We embraced this newfound awareness and knowledge and have had an amazing journey teaching people how to use essential oils.

We have taught classes and have team members in over 20 states, Brazil, and Canada.

We now have a YouTube Channel where we continually post videos teaching what oils are best for many physical and emotional challenges. For example, “Essential oils for Sleep and Anxiousness” and many more.

*If you would like to get Dan’s Healing Hands music, check out any of the links below.


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