“Natural” deodorants began appearing in the marketplace over 40 years ago. Their strength was quality ingredients that were not harmful to the body. Their weakness….they couldn’t stop perspiration. Even today with the dozens of natural deodorant brands available, we know they can greatly reduce odor, but they have a difficult time stopping sweat….

Dan has spent many years trying different natural deodorants, especially those found in health food, nutrition and upscale beauty stores. He has always found this same problem …. they can lessen the odor, but can’t handle the challenges of perspiration.


Here’s how natural deodorants work…. Instead of aluminum, which blocks sweat and is found in antiperspirants, a “natural” deodorant contains bacteria absorbing ingredients.  Most early natural deodorants used baking soda as the sweat blocker but it was limited in it’s ability to really stop perspiration. Recently many companies have cut out baking soda for plant-based alternatives.


We wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t have some answers for you. DoTERRA essential oils released a deodorant 8 years ago. Guess what? It had a great scent and helped with odors but just like the other natural deodorants, there was still perspiration challenges.

BUT….here is the beauty and power of DoTERRA and why their products are 2nd to none. They do extensive research at their facilities in Pleasant Grove, Utah. With that research they then create new amazing products infused with their essential oils.

Two years ago they announced their new natural deodorants:

  1. DoTERRA Natural Deodorant infused with Balance® Essential Oil.
  2. DoTERRA Natural “Sensitive” Deodorant with Douglas Fir and Greek Orange Essential Oils. 

    (Dan) “After daily use these last two years, I am blown away with how wonderful these new DoTERRA deodorants are and how much they reduce perspiration. It’s like they unlocked the secret to what really works”.

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant for women, a natural deodorant for men, a natural deodorant for sensitive skin, a natural deodorant that works!….. DoTERRa’s “Balance” or “Sensitive” Deodorant could be your answer. We are convinced that anyone trying to find the best natural antiperspirant should not hesitate to try this high quality product.  If you have questions or would like to get the best price for these deodorants, please contact us here: http://truempoweredlife.com/#contact-us

For in depth exciting information about these deodorants, go here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/spotlight-natural-deodorant-with-doterra-balance

Read our article about the best essential oils here: http://truempoweredlife.com/3-myths-about-essential-oils-and-the-facts/

If you’d like to order deodorant or oils directly, go to https://www.mydoterra.com/1077. Then go to “shop” then “personal care” then “body care”.





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